I use a wide range of essential oils. It is possible to mix essential oils together, to meet your needs. Coming into summer, it is great to use the insect repellent blend – I find it very helpful.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are often clear, but some are amber or yellow. They are referred to as an oil, even though they do not have an oily texture. The elements of plants, such as the leaves, stems, flowers, bark or roots, are distilled to make the oil.

How will you benefit from using essential oils?

Decide what you want the essential oil to do for you. Essential oils can help you clear your mind, calm your nerves, ease PMT, and alleviate skin conditions and other ailments. I will help you with your selection, taking into consideration your needs and the way you would like the essential oils to work for you.

I attended my first aromatherapy course in the UK in 1991. Since then, I have completed a certificate and a diploma in aromatherapy. I completed level 1 of aromatic kinesiology in 2004.